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Welcome to Zurvita – A Higher Way of Life.

My name is Tania-Maria and I have been an Independent Zurvita Consultant since 2011.

Even though Zurvita is still a relatively young company, our growth over just the past five years is unbelievable. Between 2011 and 2014 alone, Zurvita’s revenue grew from $3 million to $69 million. In 2016, we achieved a milestone by reaching 100 million in revenue!

More and more Customers are using our products, and more and more Independent Consultants are earning substantial incomes for spreading the word.

Zeal Wellness contains some of the most nutritious ingredients on the planet–many of which are missing from the average diet. Rice bran, aloe vera, goji berry extract and the ingredients found in our super oxide dismutase blend are among the nutrients in Zeal Wellness believed to be the keys to health and vitality. Zeal Wellness is an all-in-one formula designed to provide your daily nutritional needs. It is a synergistic blend of whole food concentrates that enrich, restore and protect your body at the cellular level. Zeal Wellness contains no artificial colors, sweeteners or preservatives. [1]

If you are seriously looking for your own profitable business in the trillion dollar wellness industry [2] , I am looking to personally work with you as a business partner.

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At Zurvita, our mission is to help you create a better story for yourself. Thousands of people all over the world have chosen Zurvita to help them experience a higher way of life.

Now it’s your turn to write the next chapter of your story – let Zurvita help you make it happen! Start your own Business Today!

[1] Zeal Wellness Ingredients

[2] globalwellnessinstitute.org