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Take the Zeal For Life Challenge with Fitness Expert Peter Nielsen

Peter Nielsen – Zeal For Life Challenge

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We are Zurvita Independent Consultants

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Zeal For Life Weight Management Program

Zeal Cleanse Nutritional Fact Sheet

Cellulose, juniper berry fruit, couchgrass
rhizome, n-acetyl cysteine, milk Thistle,
buchu leaf, uva ursi leaf, hydrangea root,
cornsilk stylus, senna leaf extract, cascara
sagrada bark extract, Aloe Vera barbadensis,
rhubarb 4:1 extract, Oat Fiber, Bamboo
Fiber, Prune fruit, carob, apple fruit, tamarind
whole plant extract, date fruit, fig fruit.

Zeal Burn Nutritional Fact Sheet

Citrus Aurantium / Zhi Shi powder (Advantra-Z™),
African Mango, Green Tea (50% EGCG), Cha de
Bugre, White Kidney Bean extract,L-arginine,
Trymethylglycine, Aloe Vera powder (200:1)

Zeal For Life Protein Shakes Nutritional Fact Sheet – Vanilla

Zeal For Life Shakes Nutritional Fact Sheet – Chocolate

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*Guarana Free Formula is safe for kids.

Backed By a Medical Advisory Board

Zeal For Life Products is backed by a Medical Advisory Board

Weekly Challenge Call with World-renowned Fitness Expert –  Peter Nielsen – “Hope will always accomplish the impossible.  Start TODAY!”

Welcome to the Zeal For Life Challenge

A Great Way To Take Control Of Your Health!

Peter Nielsen is a fitness expert that started his career as a world champion body builder, winning over 50 titles. He became a personal trainer, wrote the Nutrition certification for the NGA and was named Trainer of the Year by Self Magazine. His passion for people, fitness and his knowledge of exercise physiology drove him to a career of serving people. His nationally syndicated 30 minute TV show, Peter’s Principles, reaches over 189 markets across America and has aired each week for the last 9 years. In 2010 Peter launched an international TV ministry Principles of Hope, which will be in 200 Countries and 85 million American homes later this year. We believe you deserve to get the most out of life and that even small changes can make a big difference! We challenge you to take the first step. Begin to move forward toward a better life in just 90 days with the Zeal for Life Challenge. Many people across America are taking the Zeal for Life Challenge which focuses on 4 main areas:


Personal Growth & Development We are very focused on helping everyone succeed and have designed the program to provide encouragement and education along your personal health journey to make the most of your Challenge experience.


Exercise for a Healthy Lifestyle Maybe you’ve never really exercised or maybe it’s been some time since you’ve been on an exercise program. We will encourage you to increase your level of activity no matter where you are.


Weight Management Many people are attracted to the Challenge to lose weight and maintain their optimal weight for life. Zeal products have been proven to help in this area.


Balanced Nutrition Balanced nutrition is the foundation that everything is built on. Without balanced nutrition, you may not have the energy to exercise or control your weight. You may be dealing with unhealthy cravings because your body is lacking in certain nutritional areas. Start Now > and take advantage of the 30-day risk free trial for Zeal Wellness.

Meet Peter Nielsen – Author of several books, including Growing Up Strong, Will of Iron and his latest book Guide to a Healthier Life

Weekly Challenge Call with Peter Nielsen

This call will motivate and inform as you pursue your Challenge! Listen in to hear individual successes on the Challenge, medical doctors with education on health topics and exercise specialists with tips on staying fit. Thursdays – 6:00 pm PT/ 8:00 pm CT / 9:00 pm ET Dial:    (832) 225-5232 PIN:    82251#

Start NOW!


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